Transposon families

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Prokaryotic Transposon Families
1. Composite or compound transposon [Under Construction]
2. Tn3 family transposons [New - 05/24/23]
3. Tn7 family transposons [Under Construction]
4. Tn402 family transposons
5. Tn554 family transposons
The Major Transposon Families. The transposons are NOT to scale. The horizontal black bars above each indicates a length of 2 kb. Transposons are represented as yellow-filled boxes. Genes are represented as arrows within the transposon with the direction of expression indicated by the arrow heads. Transposition-related genes are shown as lavender, resistance genes as red, integron integrase as blue, genes with other functions in pink and hypothetical genes in magenta. Recombination sites are shown in green. 1) A composite or compound transposon, Tn10; 2) A Tn3 family transposon of the Tn3 group, Tn3; 3) A Tn3 family transposon of the Tn21 group, Tn5060; 4) A Tn7 family transposon, Tn7; 5) A Tn402 family transposon, Tn402; 6) A Tn554 family transposon Tn554.